Kirsten, will you shut up?

To me, these comments seem like they’re from the Aussie camp. First he says Dhoni is ready to “take over”. This will no doubt induce fear in the senior Indian batsmen for they know what Dhoni’s captaincy will mean. While Kumble himself may not be too much bothered, it does not auger well that a coach is suggesting publicly that a captain must go (sooner rather than later).

As for me, Kumble must captain as long as he is in form and as long as the senior batsmen aka Fab Four are around for it’s is clear that Dhoni cannot and choses not to “handle” the seniors. To me that isn’t a great trait in a captain. A good captain needs to be fair and pick the best available team – senior or junior. So far, he has been lucky in that his team has won, but luck will take you only so far. The victories have largely come as a result of wining crucial tosses or other results going India’s way. Maybe that was a bit harsh on some of the young talent – yes, some are promising, but I suspect most won’t make it. But that is a discussion for another day.

After the captaincy “tamaasha” as Soulberry calls it, Kirsten has been making statements about Andrew Symonds’ absence in the upcoming home series against Australia. Why is Kirsten telling them why Australia should bring him along. Don’t get me wrong, we will miss Symonds if he doesn’t make it. It will definitely take a little out of the spirit that India-Aus has been over the last 5-6 years. But that is no excuse for this.

Fellow blogger Trideep has warned Kirsten thus. But I think there is more drama in store.


7 Responses to Kirsten, will you shut up?

  1. trideep says:

    Are we seeing another GC in the making?

  2. i amwith you on GK but are you trying to say all wins which dhoni achieved so far are coz of luck only…aren’t we would be going ga ga over our seniors had we won same amount of matches in ODIs had they featured in those…? cheers!

  3. scorpicity says:

    oooh! nasty! I like it nasty! an ocean of good advice for GK… good VM

  4. vmminerva says:

    @Tri, it seems to be shaping up that way. The next couple of months will be interesting. If the seniors do well against Aus, they will be saved, else, for some senior batsmen, it might be a case of beginning and ending with England.

    @SP, I couldn’t possibly say that and get away, can I? 😉 Jokes apart, what I meant was, it will be some time before we get a true assessment of the Dhoni-lead juniors. Now, there is motivation for them, after the seniors are truly out, they will start to take their positions for granted.

    @Scorpy, 🙂 I let out some pent-up-emotion with that post. I’ve been far too “nice” in the past few months, busy defending the seniors. This was a good opportunity to let it out. Btw, glad you relish the nastiness.

  5. ankit says:


    come on, give MSD some credit, he deserves it…

    and GK never made sense, in my opinion getting him never made sense.

    kumble has been good, so i agree he should captain the side, as long as he can make it to the side as a bowler.

    and yeah, i don’t see a lot of you on allpaddedup… have the posts not been up to mark?

  6. vmminerva says:

    @ankit, I’ve been unbelievably busy this past month. I do come by your blog, but have not been commenting for some time now. Don’t take it personally. I hope the craziness eases out in the coming weeks.

  7. […] On the Kirsten/Kumble’s hand in this, I think the media has again sensationalized the story. I suspect it had more to do with Kirsten than Kumble. But maybe that’s just me, for I’ve never hid my dislike for Kirsten. […]

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