What IPL cash does: Laxman retorts Afridi, Symonds goes fishing

I’m not sure which story came out first, Laxman’s or Symonds’. I’m not even sure what prompted Afridi to trash talk his IPL captain. Granted, Hyderabad’s Deccan Chargers ended up at the bottom of the table, but does it even make sense to blame a guy who captained less than half the matches in a tournament whose format is new to the cricket world in general?

“Laxman lost the plot” was what Afridi had to say. This is almost humour – one of the more irresponsible batsman calls his captain name. To top it off, Afridi didn’t perform to his best ability in the IPL either. Perhaps it was a “paid holiday”, to quote South African pacer Dale Steyn.

The normally quiet Laxman proved he is no Dravid to wait and make a statement with his bat. He has responded to Afridi’s comments by questioning Afridi’s team ethic and stating just what is and isn’t on.

I wonder what has caused the rather reserved Laxman to lash out. Pressure on losing his Test place after India’s disappointing Test tour to Sri Lanka? Worries about losing his IPL cash? I’m tempted to the say its the second, as VVS has been rather unfortunate to have never been able to cement his place in the ODI side, missed out on being part of the 2003 World Cup squad, and thus the several endorsements that come in the way. But I think it is a combination of both forms of pressure.

Meanwhile, down under, Symonds just got sacked from the team for going fishing, in what I thought was a harsh decision (from our limited view).  Wonder if it’s got to do with the fact that there was some bad blood about Symonds getting a bigger cheque from IPL. Or is just plain politics? Many bloggers were suggesting after Symonds’s run of luck from the Sydney Test earlier this year that his luck might run out soon. Is this it with the luck?

Whatever the deal is in both cases, it seems, at least at the moment, that the IPL is doing some significant damage. What’s a bit scary is that there is no remedy in sight.


14 Responses to What IPL cash does: Laxman retorts Afridi, Symonds goes fishing

  1. vm – gng by some of afridi’s afflictions off late, his latest outburst is not surprising. he’s a spent force – and while this gets him some cheap press, can never say who or what motivated these comments – the DC owners perhaps?
    Don’t put it beyond any corporate to manipulate VVS or the team here – frankly, VVS’ captaincy wasn’t too hot, and when they’d get close to a win, he’d be totally taken in – and then they’d go and lose it – like that last over vs warne and the RRs.
    some guys have all the bad luck!
    re vvs’ comments, if he won’t speak up, who will?

  2. Ottayan says:

    Adding to NC comment, it is high time VVS spoke out too. He is in danger of becoming a wall flower.

  3. i cant say about afridi…but VVS give in to this crap and thereby to his level…by speaking he has given undue importance to this redneck…this is what he wanted exactly…

  4. vmminerva says:

    @NC, true I agree that he wasn’t very impressive as captain. I wonder what made some India team management folk think that he is captaincy material. But then again, there are some who captain like this. The sad part is, even when they succeed, they don’t get the credit they deserve.

    @Ott, danger of becoming a wallflower. 🙂

    @SP, agreed.

  5. ankit says:

    IPL has done worse, we only bear it, because each match is of max 40 overs.

    no seriously, afridi-laxman fiasco was expected to happen. different countries, different cultures, different way to look at things. wait, this can’t be used here, we and they have similar culture and view-point… no there is something more to this than..

    and symonds fiasco, i think linking that to IPL was a little stretched, but then better than most other theories i have been reading in newspapers out here…

  6. Wasim says:

    I am no Afridi fan, and that is also true that he is a spent force but whatever he said about Laxman was quiet right the DC were hot favorite to win IPL and were one of the strongest team on Paper but Laxman’s uninspiring leadership and lackluster performance by him and his superstars resulted in a disaster for the DC franchise, he failed to inspire his team and lead from the front, but I think this criticism lost its wait because it came out of a player who himself was a big failure.

  7. A Bisht says:

    to me Afridi always seemed a over hyped cricketer. Afridi’s comment was on the first place totally unnecessary. But people do make controversial statements. More than that media also plays a major role in making hill out of mole-hill. Laxman’s game never suited the T20 format. no surprise he felt the heat

  8. wasim and how many matched DC won when gilly was captain?

  9. Soulberry says:

    Laxman was the captain for a few matches. In those, I wasn’t too impressed with his captaincy either. That said, sort out your problems in the dressing room rather than go public.

    Nothing wrong with it, but maybe some other day, the boot will be on the other foot. It’ll pay Afridi to remember that adage – you get as much respect as you give others…not a millimeter more.

  10. apurv sardeshmukh says:

    Afridi critisicing Laxman is a bit rich……… dont think Afridi ever crossed 5 in the IPL.

  11. Neeraj Kumar says:

    Worried about losing IPL cash?

    Come on. That is absolutely ridiculous. You can give him more credit than that! He is one of my all time favourite players and the way he plays is only part of the reason. The way he carries himself is a lesson for most on and off the field.

    Folks who consider Deccan Chargers lost because he was not a potent captain should rethink. Here is a cliche. A captain is only as good as a team. There is plenty of evidence in history for us to look at.

  12. vmminerva says:

    @Ankit, spot on. Such things are bound to happen. Very diverse people in one team. Can you ever imagine Ganguly and Ponting in the same team with the former captaining the latter. I expect there will be more verbal fireworks in the future.

    @Wasim, while I agree with you in that it wasn’t really inspiring captaincy, I’m also with SP in that a captain is only as good as his team. Afridi should have shut up.

    @SB, “you get as much respect as you give” – very true.

    @Apurv, I’m chuckling. It’s almost funny isn’t it?

    @Neeraj, welcome to my blog. I’m with you in the part that I’m a huge fan of Laxman myself – he should belong in the list of all-time Indian cricketing greats. But look at it this way right? He’s been very unlucky. He should have been in the ODI side long ago. Whenever there are questions about the Test squad, the media speaks of replacing him. He’s had a rather lacklustre tour of Sri Lanka by his standards, though if I recall correctly, he still leads with the most runs among the fab four, maybe second to Sehwag this series. But pressure to succeed/fear of failure esp when things aren’t going well can make people do strange this. Perhaps this was one such uncharacteristic moment is all I was saying.

  13. Q says:

    Just to set the record straight, Afridi did not trash talk Laxman.

    I watched the Interview myself on TV.

    Afridi was asked “who do u think was the better captain to play under – Laxman or Gilchrist?”

    Afridi’s response was “I feel Gilchrist was better because he isnaturally aggressive, Laxman was new to the game so it took him some time to understand 20-20 cricket and adjust to it but for Gilchrist it was natural”.

    The media portrayed that comment as something livid that Afridi had said about LAxman and created this whole drama. That IMO was an honest answer that blamed noone nor did it point fingers at anyone.

  14. vmminerva says:

    Q, nice to see you around here after a long time. So it’s the media huh? Unfortunate that it got portrayed the way it did. Trust them to start a circus.

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