India vs. Sri Lanka again!

Ok, this is the third time in eight months that we’re playing Sri Lanka in ODIs. I admit I’m neither too interested nor too excited.
However, that doesn’t stop me from betting on some players from the Indian side:

1. Sehwag – has the best record against Mendis at the moment
2. Gambhir – after Sehwag, has seen the most of Mendis
3. Badrinath – he might the technique to handle Mendis/Murali

My prediction for the series Sri Lanka will win 4-1, assuming Mendis/Murali are played in all matches, though I reserve the right to alter that margin. 🙂


6 Responses to India vs. Sri Lanka again!

  1. 2-2, one rained off, and about time too. a 4 odi series is better than 5 anyday.
    If in spite of the rain, they drag a t20 odi game, india 3-2.
    lanka are gonna miss malinga. india, an injured ishant -which isn’t much in comparison.

  2. Ottayan says:

    Raina will make a name for himself.

  3. vmminerva says:

    @NC, with Mendis around, it may be a while before they start missing Malinga.

    @Ott, he should after all the hype during the Chapell era about his batting. Let us see.

  4. trideep says:

    This series will only be about Mendis.

  5. scorpicity says:

    Ring-a-ringa roses,
    mendis comes and poses
    all came down!

    Game over

    I doubt badri has that good a technique… but he needs to play at least to find out his potential.

  6. vmminerva says:

    @trideep, that what it seems like at the moment

    @Scorpy, that poem is priceless. Patent it! 🙂

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