Can we have a cricket match please – Ind in SL 2008

This is getting to be ridiculous to say the least. The umpiring review/referral system which promised much has wrecked havoc for India in this series. Billy Doctrove turned down a plumb lbw decision today, prompting more ire towards the umpires among India supporters. Sri Lanka are reviewing everything and are getting away with murder. Perhaps they have learned the art from Ricky Ponting. Samaraveera’s almost mocking shake of the head when Kumble asked for review is nothing short of umpire coaxing. For me, such distasteful cricket took the charm out of Sangakkara’s innings.

At the risk of sounding socio-centric, I must say the umpiring review system has been very one sided this series. Sri Lankan batsmen enjoy the batsman’s benefit of doubt while Indian batsmen (primarily the Big Three) have been the victim of the umpire’s doubt. So now we have to fight not just two incompetent blokes but three. Perhaps the folk behind this are now happy that India will now have doubts about the use of technology and the like. For it is us, who created a riot after the atrocities of the Sydney Test and ousted Bucknor. Perhaps it is only fitting that Bucknor’s fellow bystander that day, Mark Benson, has stood in this series so far. Benson is surely having sweet revenge. Such atrocities make even a draw, let alone a victory, a herculian effort (out of form batsmen nothwithstanding).

Yes, I did mention the Big-3 here and while I’m itching to spill my thoughts on them, I will wait till the end of this Test. Till then do us wait.


8 Responses to Can we have a cricket match please – Ind in SL 2008

  1. ankit says:

    i haven’t really seen any of these referral decisions to come to my own opinion, but from what i gather from cricinfo and radio, is that the decisions have not been consistent.

    for the same distance for the same height, the SL batsmen enjoy benefit of doubt, while it hasn’t been so.

    certainly some atrocities there..

  2. vmm – when referrals go awry, the option to appeal one final time to the supreme court of umpires or request Sharad Pawar’s pardon.

  3. Ottayan says:


    Despite inconsistencies the referral should stay.

    It gives the bowlers a chance. Honestly, excepting the Samaraweera lbw, the other decisions were 60/40 in the favour of the batsmen.

    It is unfair for an umpire to decide on these kind of percentages. All the clear cut decisions were ruled perfectly.

    BTW, I may be wrong, but it is the on-field umpire who decides, the third umpire provides him with the replay inputs.

  4. vmminerva says:

    @ankit, inconsistency often saves these umpires.

    @NC, while I’ve never been a fan of the BCCI, I like the Pawar referral 🙂

    @Ott, you are right about the 60/40 and about the other decisions (although the other appeal for close-in fielder catch seemed like a fine outside edge or deflection off the glove), but when India is batting it is often 10/90 for our batsmen.

  5. Krishnaswamy says:

    Straight Umpire is just required for No Ball…May be we can have a Free Hit system for a No Ball that would be signalled by the Third Umpire. The reason for Free Hit being the No Ball call from third umpire will be after the Batsmena has played the No Ball with out knowing it.
    Pathetic is the scenario with the review system…typically resembles the Super Sub…who can Bat or Bowl if required or else he’ll sit inside when everyone else is struggling

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  7. vmminerva says:

    @Krishnaswamy, welcome to my blog. I empathize with your frustration. As you rightly point out, this is the latest disaster in the string of those that the ICC have caused here.

  8. sampath says:

    I think the series defeat is not becuase of the review system. It obviously have some ‘teething’ problems but good to have. Just imagine the 18 decisions been reversed! If we think 3-4 decisions were wrong it still makes 14-15 decisions correct! In a 3 match series, 14 decisions is a very big portion. SL getting better out of it is because they used it wisely. Mahela was near the wicket all the time while Jumbo was has to depend on the wicketkeeper. Some of the reviews were done on sheer desperation by Indians. Mahela really controlled the system. I am very much for the review system. I think even the path of the ball prediction and sound graphs should be shown to the third umpair to make it more correct.

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