Sehwag rules and Big Two falter – India in SL Galle Test Day 1

Sehwag played an almost uncharacteristic innings to steer India to a respectable total. As he got to his fifty, he played a very responsible hand sans the traditional “I am holier than thou” atttitude. It might seem hypocritical of me to brand Sehwag with attitude, as it is that very aggressive nature that has got him (and India) double and triple centuries. But that’s the way its been with Viru. Even while he played the responsible hand, punishment was meted out to the bad balls – a very Hayden-esque manner. Or maybe that takes credit away from Viru. I particularly enjoyed both his and Gambhir’s onslaught of the flatter of Mendis of Murali’s deliveries. Atta, boy(s)! Way to show the kid his place. Gambhir gave good company too. Maybe India has found it opening combination in Tests too.

If you’re wondering why the above reads Big Two falter (instead of Big 3), according to the laws, Sec 32(e) to be precise, Dravid should not have been given out. While there is speculation if the ball first hit Dravid’s own helmet or the fielder’s shoulder, it seemed to have hit the fielder’s helmet before Warnapura took the catch. Skeptics check it out here.

I have no words for Tendulkar and Ganguly and some sympathy for Dravid (although that should have been a better shot) – he finds a way to be given out in the most bizarre ways. Critics and Vengsarkar will only see the scores not the trivia. Dravid! Wake up! Please!

While we’re on the topic of Dravid, I find it interesting that two other #3 batsmen have been struggling for some time now: Michael Vaughan and Jacques Kallis (not to mention Ponting, who has aside of some aberrations, been in rather woeful form since Oct 2007). While Kallis seems to have found it this evening, Vaughan is still looking for it. What is it with these #3s? Is it us? Do we notice their failure more than others because the #3’s success or failure can psychologically, if not really, turn the course of game?

Meanwhile the umpiring referral has taken a new turn. The on field umpire seems to be becoming more conscious of his shortcomings and keeps his fingers in his pocket if he isn’t sure. Should they have always been this way? Given batsmen out only when they actually are? In case you’re wondering, I’m still ambivalent of this referral/review system.

At stumps with Laxman and Sehwag at the crease, India would do well to reach 300, though I doubt if that will be enough to win the game. If there’s anything to be thankful for it’s the toss. At least this way, India wouldn’t be batting in the fourth innings. With the pitch being all cracked-up even on Day 1 and the rain adding its bit to the already complex looking wicket, I think it would only be fair if Sri Lanka get to play through the wicked phases of the pitch.


10 Responses to Sehwag rules and Big Two falter – India in SL Galle Test Day 1

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  2. Ottayan says:

    If India scores 300 + we will win this TEST.

  3. Ottayan says:

    If India scores 300 + they will win this Test.

  4. Apurv says:

    Vaughn is not in the same class as Dravid, Kallis or Ponting as a number 3 batsman. And Kallis has failed only in the first two test matches of the series against England. Dravid has only one hundered in his last 19 test matches.

    I am a huge dravid fan, but the time has come to ask VVS to bat regularly at 3. Dravid might just have to go.

  5. do not mask the failure of dravid with technicality of dismissal…

    ball hitting the helmet was accidental…shot was not…

    i wold also like to ask kumble what the hell he was thinking of sending dravid at 3 inspite of his diffidence…

  6. vmminerva says:

    @Ott, I hope so. But doubts remain, if SL get Sehwag early in the second innings, the middle-order may collapse again.

    @Apurv, agreed on Vaughan. However, hasn’t Kallis been struggling even before the India series? I won’t say anything abt Dravid now. Lets see. Btw, Laxman is not in excellent form either. He had the chance up for grabs in the first Test (2nd innings) but didn’t capitalize. I realize that shouldn’t be the yardstick. More on Laxman below.

    @SP, true, shot was not accidental. It was a typical out-of-form batsman shot. Who would you send at #3, Lax failed last time. We need either an explosive guy or a stable guy. We have neither at the moment (with Sehwag opening and that is his best spot), at least against Mendis. I agree with you in part, Laxman CAN bat at #3 and Dravid at 5, but not at 6 as I don’t think he can do what Laxman does with the tail. Also, Ganguly doesn’t have the patience to bat at 6 with the tail. So there you have it. The best thing to get out of the out-of-form rut is to spend time at the crease – and that almost like an oxymoron and is easier said that done.

  7. Wasim says:

    Sehwag played in his usual murderous style, the rest of them were again a disappointment, the funny thing is that the big three each one of them will play a big innings in the remaining series and will redeem themselves for the next series.

  8. VM…

    team india is not about where to find a place for dravid or for that matter any batsman/player…

    either you are capable of batting at what is best for team or you sit out thinking how you wanna go about it in future…

    no middle path…

  9. Apurv says:

    VM…. Lakshman admitedly failed in the second innings here. but he scored a hundred at Sydney the last time he batted at number 3. Generally over the last three years Lakshman has scored runs when ever he has batted at 3 Dravid seems to be terribly out of sorts and he is thus putting pressure on the rest of the Indian batting line up.

  10. vmminerva says:

    @Wasim, I hope so.

    @SP, you’re right, it isn’t about individuals. But when it is about team effort it ends up being abt individuals as well. What is a team after all – a collection of people. And to put them (most of them if not each one of them) in the right place is part of getting the team to click.

    @Apurv, at the moment, agreed. However, the other two of the big three aren’t helping either.

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