India totter – India in Sri Lanka 2008 1st Test Day 3

As many of us bloggers predicted it was Murali who wrecked havoc in the famed Indian batting line up. If there was one surprize, it was Dravid falling to Mendis.

It would have been unfair to expect Gambhir to tackle Murali and fair to expect Jayawardene to bring on the spinners in the 10th over (a ploy that has previous worked for him). Sehwag was his usual reckless self. Tendulkar wasn’t sure whether to play or leave Murali’s doosra, Ganguly couldn’t control the sweep, and the shot that Karthik offered to Murali was disastrous and may just seal his fate out of the Test side. While that would certainly be unfair to him, something better would have been expected from him, especially towards the end of the day’s play.

So where from now? Laxman is left to bat with the tail for the umpteenth time in his Test career. I would think India would be lucky to make 180 before they are all out. Looking at the stats and the stature of the batting line up, it would only be expected of them to draw the game. It was a similar side that, after following on, beat Australia, but differences remain. The self-belief seems lacking, at least to us. The Ganguly-spirit is also missing. Additionally, the seniors – the core of the bating line up – seem to be under pressure and want to prove something. Trying too hard has got them to this stage now. With these parameters in mind, a draw seems bleak, but I wouldn’t write ’em off yet.


4 Responses to India totter – India in Sri Lanka 2008 1st Test Day 3

  1. i’m thinking england 1st innings gng @ 4 playing 50 overs losing by 10 wickets. Too many dudes spoil the plot. India test XI is like the Delhi Daredevils team, minus the fielding – and Dilshan. openers fail, team fails, what a long ipl season it’s been.

  2. Ottayan says:

    Have noticed the pattern VMM. Dravid is regularly getting out bowled by playing half-cock. I guess his inability to read the length is the cause.

    Is it time for him to retire? 🙂

  3. vmminerva says:

    @Gaurav, too many dudes spoil the plot, true. We need Lax to stay on for some time. I’m beginning to think he should bat at three, Dravs at 5.

    @Ottayan, nice observation, but don’t say that. 😦 He needs to break out of his mental shackles. Looking back now, captaincy didn’t do him any good.

  4. […] Dravid in the state he is in at the moment, it seemed logical to promote him (which I had suggested here), but he fell and too quickly for the Indians to […]

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