Is Sri Lanka Dravid’s bogey?

There was an article lately on cricketnext about Dravid’s practicing against a spinner who has an action like Murali. Meanwhile, avid Dravid follower and fellow blogger K5-litij has dug up some curious facts here. I was intrigued enough and did my own research and the stats are interesting indeed:

1. Dravid has been dismissed by Murali 5 times, next only to Warne and Shoaib Akthar who have got him 7 and 6 times respectively

2. Dravid’s highest of 107 against Sri Lanka is his least highest-score (against each individual nation)

3. Dravid averages 30.6 against Murali.

Curious, aint it? Perhaps that is why he has said that it’ll be a mistake to focus only on Mendis.

Jokes apart, I would agree with that. Murali poses a definite threat and I also agree with Ottayan, who suggests that Vaas could be the most lethal.


6 Responses to Is Sri Lanka Dravid’s bogey?

  1. Ottayan says:

    Need a clarification. How many times has Dravid lost his wicket to Murali outside Sri Lanka?

    This will help us understand how effective Murali’s is outside Sri Lanka.

  2. Som says:

    I’m not so optimistic about Vaas. He’s a spent force. But Murali remains Murali and he would do everything to keep his reputation intact. Mendis might prove actually a hype on the other side of the series.

  3. Q says:

    That is quite interesting VM.

  4. based on what i have seen from sehwag and gg of late…

    let me struck my neck out…and say that vaas will be looking to retire from test cricket after this series if not during it…

  5. vmminerva says:

    @Ottayan, only one of those 5 were outside of Sri Lanka at the Kotla, Delhi. Interestingly, Murali got Dravid 5 times in ODIs too – twice in India, three times outside (including one in Sri Lanka). Dravid’s ODI average against Murali is better though at 39.6.

    @Som, hmm… I agree on Mendis.

    @Q, yes, I was rather surprized.

    @SP, I’m not sure about Gambhir. But he does seem to be an unbelievable form. Let’s see. 🙂

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