India’s tour of Sri Lanka 2008 begins

Yes, it’s finally here. I have been waiting for this India’s tour of Sri Lanka ever since the IPL ended (to be honestly about half-way thru the IPL), and almost feverishly after that Asia cup final which gave Mendis instant fame.

While India returns to its time-tested and experienced lot, I will resume my slightly biased blogging with the occasional pretense of objectivity 😉 Why you may ask? In the recently concluded Kitply and Asia Cup ODI series, I was indifferent, almost anti-Indian, as the team didn’t feel Indian-enough for some reason. But this Indian team is our age-old one and a loved one featuring the Big Three, Fab Four, Fab Five, whatever you want to call it. There is also the added evil joy in the absense of Dhoni (sorry SP and other Dhoni fans).

There’s plenty to excitement in store: umpiring referral, Tendulkar’s record beckoning, Mendis against the famed Indian batsmen, Murali vs. Dravid, Ganguly vs. Vaas (Dada has creamed him the past), Indian spinners and Dinesh Karthik.

So time to cheer. Indiyaah! Indiyaah!


5 Responses to India’s tour of Sri Lanka 2008 begins

  1. This should be a really interesting tour and I’m greatly looking forward to it. It’s always great to see Tendulkar in action and there’s so much else in store too. Go India!

  2. pls do elaborate on the evil joy

  3. i second the motion…

  4. ankit says:

    why were you waiting for this series half through IPL?

    evil joy is in the fact, that dhoni is missing from the team consisting the members he has been trying to avoid?

  5. vmminerva says:

    @CricketRules, welcome to my blog.

    @NC, I’m not particularly a fan of Dhoni, esp the boorishness and arrogance. So just having almost-illogical evil joy here in his absence from a senior-studded team.

    @SP, thanks for the support. 🙂

    @ankit, after a while, the IPL got boring for me. On Dhoni, yep, that too – the member he wanted to avoid and sack permanently.

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