BCCI’s bars Indian criketers from English counties with ICL links

No, I’m not kidding, the BCCI has got a serious case of ICL-cooties. Check out the story here. There has got to be some limit to this.

First, they call ICL a rogue league, then they ban them from ever representing India. After that, they ban counties with ICL players to play in the recently announced Champions League. Now they are barring Indian cricketers from signing contracts with English counties who have ICL players/staff. It is noteworthy here to point out that only Middlesex, Somerset and Essex have teams without any ICL players (source Cricinfo).

This will deny opportunities for Piyush Chawla, VVS Laxman and Ajit Agarkar, who are about to sign contracts with English counties.

How far can the BCCI take this? Here are some thoughts:

1. Retroactively ban Indian cricketers Tendulkar, Ganguly, Dravid, Kumble and Zaheer for having associated themselves with counties that now have ICL players. (As an aside, this will be Dhoni’s dream come true – a nice way to get rid of the seniors once and for all)

2. Get ICC to revoke international-status for cricket grounds belonging to counties with ICL staff. Further revoke such privileges from all grounds worldwide where an ICL player has set foot (again retroactively also). This will date back to ICL player’s pre-ICL days.

3. Stop buying any gear from all brands sported by ICL players

4. Ban all Test playing and affiliate nations from using colors used by ICL-bearing English counties, ICL teams, and ICL players (including their off-time)

5. Ban any future talent from playing matches in any form of cricket world who have had any association with ICL players, again retroactively applied. This includes friends and neighbors of ICL players, people who visit or own grocery stores, movie theatres, shopping malls, or any other public place graced by any ICL member.

I think I could go on, but you get the idea.

While I’m not surprised that the ECB hasn’t done anything about this yet, I would expect some kind of backlash, at least to save face. England should pull out of their tour of India in protest and suspend hosting any future tours of India until the issue is resolved.

This whole BCCI vs. ICL issue has been ridiculous. Kapil Dev’s ICL after all was started with good intent: to groom young Indian talent by providing them opportunites to play against international quality opposition. The BCCI have successfully thwarted them. Fellow blogger Q has suggested that they are left no other option but to take their cricket elsewhere, like the UAE. Perhaps that is the only alternative they have now to survive.


14 Responses to BCCI’s bars Indian criketers from English counties with ICL links

  1. Ottayan says:

    The BCCI, is within its rights as an employer.
    They have every right to bar their employees(players) from working for the competition.

  2. ban all those fans and companies of those tv sets from showing cricket live or otherwise who saw/displayed ICL…

  3. scorpicity says:

    I was about to write about this and I find you cover it aptly :)… the BCCi is getting ridiculous to a point of being childish… next they will issue an advisory stating that no contracted player can marry or have their family members married to anybody associated with the ICL… behold Why don’t one of us write a new ten commandments for the BCCI… it can be fun.

  4. vmminerva says:

    @SP, Scorpy, join in the party man! Yes, scorpy you can do the honors. 🙂

  5. vmminerva says:

    @Ott, when did u turn a BCCI supporter? 🙂 As for competition, I think the English counties are where the Indian folk take their game to the next level. I think Indian cricket has more to lose from this drama.

  6. Apurv says:

    Interestig point here: Will BCCI prevent Kevin Pietersen from playing in the IPL? Pietersen plays for Hampshire which has 4 ICL players. Will BCCI prevent Flintoff from playing in the IPL.Flintoff plays for Lancashire which has Stuart Law, an ICL player as its captain.

    The less we talk abt this BCCI act, the better it is.

  7. UTP says:

    Too harsh…let them play…counties have never harmed cricketers…they have made and improved cricketers…and if there is money involved…let them earn their living…

    Too harsh…

  8. trideep says:

    True VMM, BCCI has gone beyond the limits in this competition against ICL. Stopping their own players from participating in the counties is really a childish demand. Someone please give some sense to them.

  9. Wasim says:

    Its a very complicated situation, which has only one solution legitimize ICL, I don’t know how long BCCI can pressurize other countries to ban their players if they play in ICL.

    ICC so far is supporting BCCI as if they don’t do it many more rebel leagues will sprout every where in the world.

    India cannot expect counties or other countries to ban cricketers who are playing for ICL when ICL is taking place in India, it’s India’s problem to shut down ICL or make it legit other countries are sufferring for no reason. I don’t think that other countries will continue banning their players sooner or later this will stop.

    I am not sure about Indian Laws but English counties also face a risk of getting sued if they ban the players who play for ICL as such an act will be in restraint of trade.
    I think the provision also exists in Indian law but I am not sure if anybody has sued BCCI or not and if a case is pending in the court what is its staus? You being an Indian are in a better position to write on the subject.

  10. Som says:

    Next, BCCI will decide:
    1. Who would follow Kim Sharma and Deepika Padukone as Yuvraj’s 3rd girl friend;
    2. What would be Obama’s victory margin; and
    3. When to place an Osama statute in front of the UN building.

  11. Q says:

    BCCI is definitely being very ridiculous here… thanks for the link VM..

    Ott – are u suggesting BCCI is right in doing this? Sure they are employers and can stop their employees from joining competition – but the English counties are not competition… and if u r saying BCCI is justified, how do they justify hiring all those TV technicians and producers and camera-men who did the same for the ICL?

  12. vmminerva says:

    @Apurv, this will become tricky indeed. But then BCCI always have double standards, so we won’t have to use any logic. 🙂

    @UTP, trideep, yes, someone needs to infuse some sense into them.

    @Wasim, good points indeed. Yes, they cannot expect other countries to ban their players. New Zealand seems almost powerless without Bond. I haven’t heard of the ICL suing them yet, but haven’t heard of such a thing so far. But I may be wrong here. Btw, its long overdue now – adding you to my blogroll.

    @Som, hilarious!

    @Q, you’re welcome! Interesting point abt the camera men and other staff.

  13. Q says:

    Not only the TV crew but a lot of the IPL cheerleaders were those who had performed at the ICL!

    Plus someone like Kareena Kapoor was seen promoting the Mumbai Indians in 1 of the matches and she had also performed at the openin of the ICL.

    Why the hypocrisy?

  14. vmminerva says:

    @Q, you have become the stats guru for ICL vs. IPL. 🙂 That aside, hypocrisy indeed.

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