The Asia Cup 2008 – another inconsequential tournament?

The Asia Cup 2008 involving the India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and UAE has just begun. Anybody cares? Perhaps the UAE and Hong Kong folk do and rightfully so.

To me this is just another inconsequential tournament with contest involving what has now become the usual bores – India-Pakistan-Bangladesh. Sri Lanka somehow seems a little less boring – or maybe that’s just me. Fellow bloggers on my blogroll and I have said much about the India-Pakistan overkill, so I won’t go there. The tournament schedule is organized such that two teams get knocked-off (which will most likely be Hong Kong and the UAE). Then the bores will slug it out in round-robin fashion.

What I will be interested in is the UAE team – lot of expatriate folks from the sub-continent in this team. Call me crazy, but cable-operator willing, I would like to watch these matches. For all you know, some of these folk may have their basics right! 🙂


25 Responses to The Asia Cup 2008 – another inconsequential tournament?

  1. Ottayan says:

    I have little enthusiasm for this tournament.

  2. zzzzzzzzzzz….is there still cricket played…oh…let me….zzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Trideep Basu says:

    The no-contests are really getting boring. The totally one-sided matches are not doing anything good for the ODI’s. Welll may be its all the T20 effect.

  4. vmminerva says:

    @Ottayan and SP, agreed.

    @Trideep, true. The Test-playing nation vs. the hopeful-entrants is getting boring. As for the T20 effect, this Asia cup has the signs of being the ODI-killer. 😦

  5. ankit says:

    this cup is important from the PCB earnings point of view.

    most of the countries in the world, (eg: Oz, SA, English) have a problem touring Pakistan. Asian countries are just to used to violence, its venue just doesn’t matter.


    i really didn’t get the T20 effect of the matches, please elaborate.

  6. vmminerva says:

    @ankit, glad to see you here. Thanks for stopping by. True, you make a valid point about this tournament being important for PCB’s earnings. It is also perhaps of relevance this year marks 25 years (?) from the founding of the Asian block. Perhaps more thought should have gone into the scheduling. For the viewer, we just saw an India-Pak-Bangladesh face off less than a week ago, and saw a full fledged Pak tour of India just over six months ago. Thus the rant.

  7. ankit says:


    I couldn’t agree more, I seriously think the Kitply Cup was a waste of the viewer’s time but then that was important for Bangladesh’s earnings, but I shouldn’t rant about that.

    Asia cup was first held in 1985, which is 23 years ago, I don’t know if an Asian block was built before that. May be an Asian block was built, just after an Asian team i.e. India won the World Cup, but I can’t say.

    And yes, still no upsets!

  8. scorpicity says:

    Looks like many need inspiration to watch…. same with me

  9. Som says:

    Ankit is spot on. PCB badly needs Asia Cup top go without any hiccup so that they can show to the successful organisation and ensure champions trophy is not shifted to somewhere else. (Maybe South Africa?).

  10. ankit says:


    I have put up the link to this post on the latest article on allpaddedup.

    Check it out.

  11. vmminerva says:

    @ankit, thanks man. Will definitely check it out.

  12. Q says:

    As u may know, I am interested in the tournament and have been following it with interest … Cricket is never too much for me..

    In either way, it was long over due but I have finally blog rolled u VM 🙂

    Keep coming..

  13. vmminerva says:

    Thanks, Q. Will definitely keep coming.

  14. Wasim says:

    Its nothing but an IPL hangover, no tournament is inconsequential and as far as earnings are concerned I think all boards earn when their teams play each other.
    The icc and acc schedule is mutually agreed and signed by all the countries.

    Nobody can watch every single game played, you can always switch channels if you are getting bored. But don’t try to kill the game.

  15. vmminerva says:

    @Wasim, thanks for stopping by. True, perhaps there is an element of IPL hangover, but for me I think its primarily the increased frequency of India-Pak matches. And I meant inconsequential in the sense that it seems like the Asia cup has become one of those ‘just another trophy’ kind of tournament. Given that it is Asia’s premier tournament, I felt that more thought should have been given while scheduling these matches.

  16. UTP says:

    The most wonderful part is I didnt even know its happening and then I didnt even know its happening in Pakistan itself!!! I mean I am not that outdated …clearly shows what 20-20 has done. That is the easiest blame game these days. Put it all on 20-20 heheh….

  17. ankit says:


    Yes, it is clearly the easiest blame game, blame it on 20-20 or easier than easiest (pardon my grammar) simply on IPL.


    i don’t think anything can a kill a game that is over a hundred years old and is spreading.
    all boards definitely make money when their teams play, but nothing competes the money that comes with hosting a tournament and PCB desperately needs to host a tournament which is safe and successful, what with most of the teams not wanting to play there.

  18. Wasim says:


    Reciprocation, I hope you understand what it means, all the countries visit each other on reciprocal tours so nobody is doing any favor to anybody, as far as security issues India and Srilanka know very well that security is their issue also if they will not tour then others will return the favor.
    No player or team has ever been harmed in Pakistan all these concerns are politically motivated.

  19. ankit says:

    i do understand cricket words, don’t insult my intelligence.

    and i don’t really care if the threats are politically motivated or not, the fact is they scare the shit out of the international players.

    and i agree that india and sri lanka don’t care about security, because that is something these teams are used to in their own nations.

    and asia cup is not a bilateral tournament, so reciprocation is out of question, the venue, dates are decided by the ACC along with the ICC.

  20. Wasim says:

    Why the international players are not so scared when bombs go off in India and Sril lanka.The most bombs which exploded in any part of the world other than Iraq and Afghanistan were in India resulting in the deaths of 2300 innocent Indians check out the CIA and UN reports. Why that is not a security concern, Its all BS and nothing else, are you trying to say that Asia cup always happens in Pakistan? if not then you should know that every member country gets its turn to host the event.
    Politics and sports should be kept separate.

  21. Neno Indian says:

    I think we are missing Aussies here and even umpire bucknor.

    If above thing could have included interest could have been different.

    May be for some ppl Cheers Leaders would have been good.

  22. vmminerva says:

    @UTP, the fact that you didn’t know speaks volumes of the tournament mgmt. Perhaps there wasn’t enough media interest in this either. Here, this tournament has been pushed (mostly) to the less interesting pages of the Sports pages.

    @Neno Indian, missing umpire Bucknor, ha ha!

    @Wasim, yes the double-standards have been rather glaring.

  23. cricketgod says:

    hi VM, could you please change link for cricketgod forum from to since forum has been shifted.

  24. Trideep Basu says:


    sorry for the late reply. By T20 effect i meant that the viewers are now more interested in the T20 format of the game rather than the ODI’s. It may be cos of the entertainment quotient or something else. That is the T20 effect.

  25. Trunk says:

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