Looking ahead to IPL Season 2: Iconless IPL?

Allright, the IPL is almost over. I don’t really feel the intensity for either of the semis. Maybe that is because Rajasthan Royals have clearly been the best T20 side in the IPL. Or maybe because neither of the teams that I was supporting – Bangalore and Kolkata – are in the contest. There was a bit of feeling for Delhi, I would have liked to see them in the finals, but that wasn’t to be. 😦

Much has been said of the performances of the icons, specially the senior ones: Dravid, VVS Laxman, Ganguly and Tendulkar. I will not venture into that discussion just yet. Instead, I will ask this. What will an icon-less IPL be like? Considering some of the owners’ heavy-handed manner and the way things are going for the icons, I would speculate that not all of these folks will feature in the next installment.

Let us assume, for arguments sake, that neither of the above mentioned icons make it to the second season in any form. What would be the reaction of the masses? Especially the partisan ones – Mumbai and Kolkata. The Mumbai folks (or at least most of them) throng the IPL to watch Tendulkar and Kolkata to see their Maharaj. What happens to the other folk who go to these matches to see a Ganguly or a Dravid bat? Will these foks not turn up? Going by the attendance in the Ranji Trophy, an icon-less IPL will be a only a few grades more interesting to the masses. Yes, there will be Gilchrist fans and the McGrath fans, and they will bring some people to the stands, but these folk are the more educated cricket watchers, not the average Indian guy on the street who goes to watch a cricket match.

Even as I type this, I see the counter argument coming. One being that Indian cricket is in a state of flux where the seniors will slowly make way for deserving youngsters; that we need to be practical and one day or the other get used to an Indian team sans Tendulkar, Ganguly and Dravid; that the fans of the new recruits will take the place of today’s masses. True, all valid arguments. However the issue is that all this takes time. You need several match-winning performances to get a fan following. Good looks will help too :). Consider Rohit Sharma, who gave us some very valuable runs in that T20 world cup match against South Africa. On the other hand you have Ishant Sharma – the find of the Aussie tour, the kid who troubled titan-esque Aussie captain Ponting. I would think Ishant has a bigger fan following than Rohit Sharma. On the other hand, Gautham Gambhir, who has figured in more matches than the Sharmas may have a smaller fan base. All this is of course speculation. The point that I’m trying to make is that, for the icon-less IPL season to succeed, it must be timed right. If not, it will shake the very foundation of the IPL. Lack of crowds will affect TV ratings, ad money, sponsorship, etc, and pinch the owner’s pocket.

The owners may consider the icons as dead weight, but they bring the crowds at least for now. And they might need the icons more than they think, for this is India; we are mostly a crazy lot and cricket is a religion here. The owners, at least for the time being, better not mess with the Gods.


7 Responses to Looking ahead to IPL Season 2: Iconless IPL?

  1. Ottayan says:


    An icon less IPL is unlikely at least for the next 2 seasons for the simple reason they are contracted for 3 years.

    However, it is interesting to speculate which of these icons will b put up for trading or transfer in January. 🙂

  2. vmminerva says:

    @Ottayan, true, they are contracted for 3 years. Though it will be interesting to see if they can in fact be traded. What if no one wants to have them? Will the owners risk paying them the remaining two year’s fee and then buy some younsters?

  3. cellserf says:

    yup iconless is the right word! You are right the interest was sustained because of the big names. There has to be aright mix of the old and the new.

    But has the IPL been a success? Well the numbers speak for themselves:

  4. very good take VM…

    however we have to understand too that why term ‘icon’ was awarded to them…to pacify the high egos of our masters…otherwise they would have seen that any of foreign players running away with more money and also who would have picked them anyway…but for being ‘icon’ players…

  5. Apurv says:

    I think its pretty interesting to note that the two teams which contested the finals were “iconless”.

  6. vmminerva says:

    @Apurv, interesting indeed.

  7. bc says:

    well the ipl was a success last year, but this year it might be a greater success.

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