Bangalore pull it off: Bangalore Royal Challengers vs. Deccan Chargers

For an IPL match that was largely called a battle to avoid the wooden spoon, it entertained quite well.

The entertainment value was not top class, but it felt like standard cricket: not too euphoric, for the most part, and even boring sometimes, but not without fluttering a supporter’s heart.

The Bangalore Royal Challengers seemed to have carried on some momentum from their previous unbelievable win against Chennai. Without Zaheer and Praveen, one would have thought the bowling had chinks, but the local boys and under-19s contributed well to the line up. The team spirit seems to have gotten better over the past couple of games.

Gilchrist won the toss and chose to bat first. Dravid responded by opening the bowling with Kumble, a move that seemd to suggest that he has returned to thinking ways, as opposed to panicking. Risky? Yes. Payed off? Not completely, but the Kumble-Steyn combination stopped the Gilchrist-Gibbs pair get off to a flyer. The move almost payed off with Kumble appealing although unsuccessfully for lbw against Gibbs. It remained just a close one, which umpire Koertzen turned down. Steyn continued some his good work from the the last couple matches. While the Deccan run rate was kept down to 5-odd for the first couple of overs, the bowling change to Kallis brought some change in fortunes. Shortly after taking a pummelling, Kallis retired hurt causing worries for the bating. The local boy Vinay Kumar with U-19 Virat Kohli succeded in keeping the Deccans down as Bangalore regularly picked up wickets. Perhaps the biggest blow for the Deccan was losing the IPL star Rohit Sharma after he hurt himself while batting.

Going by Bangalore’s chasing record, going after 165 seemed tough, but there was some hope with Jaffer on top to lead some stability. However, Jaffer turned out to be the clown of the batting line up for first running himself out and then atrociously running out the injured but belligerent Kallis by some very lazy running. Misbah came settled down, thrilled and went. Dravid also came, threatened to lead the chase, thrilled indeed with a six and three consecutive fours- all priceless beauties (including a Misbah trademark cheeky reverse one), but departed by mis-timing one from Sanjay Bangar. It seemed to be over for Bangalore at that point with the asking rate creeping to over 10. However they weren’t destined for the wooden spoon. Thanks to some hitting from until-now indifferent White and Kohli, but mostly to Akhil for sealing it with 2 sixes towards the end of 18th over. At the end of the day, it was team work that did it for Bangalore: everyone chipped in when it was required.

Mallya! You spilled trash too soon. This team isn’t as bad as your mouth.

Go Bangalore! Go Dravid!


3 Responses to Bangalore pull it off: Bangalore Royal Challengers vs. Deccan Chargers

  1. at last they finished on high note! i am happy for dravid more than BRC…

    whats your take for next season VM for brc?

  2. scorpicity says:

    Interesting development on Mallya and force 1 where Raikonnen crashed into one of the force guys…. the force driver accepts raikonnen’s apology while mallya talks trash.

  3. vmminerva says:

    @SP, me too – more happy for Dravid. As for the next season, I think a lot will depend on whether Dravid will be a part of it. Something tells me that he will leave the team. In that case, a lot of things might be very different. Kumble, Jaffer, Joshi, Kallis and Chanderpaul might not figure in the team. I also have a feeling, they might try and get Uthappa. Given the run he’s had for Mumbai, they may be willing to trade. 🙂

    In the unlikely even that Dravid stays, by himself we may only see a couple of changes here and there. But given the vote on non-confidence he received from Mallya, he may not play a major role in selection – by choice.

    @Scorpy, the guy is crazy.

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