Bangalore win a low scoring thriller: Bangalore vs. Chennai

Finally, luck favored Dravid’s Bangalore. With much of the batting being the same, Dravid being the lychpin holding it togather with some vintage shots, the Royal Challengers’s team spirit clicked yesturday. I think that was certainly one reason behind the win, apart from some brilliant fielding from in the team, esp Kallis, Kumble’s double wicket over, and some sensational stuff from Styen.

Of the Chennai team, Ajay Jadeja and cheerleaderish Kris Srikanth said they weren’t even going to consider Chennai losing and debated on how many over they would take to win. Chennai on the other hand buckled under pressure after their opening pair, Fleming and Patel, gave them a very good start of 60. Dhoni, coming in at #3, threw away his wicket (and no, I’m not complaining about it), and some poor shot selection saw an end to their brashness, as Dhoni rightly called it.

In the post match presentation, what was most stark was Dravid’s humility on being congratulated and Dhoni’s admission of brashness. As an BRC supporter, being up till midnight was totally worth it. End of the day, it was nice to see a smile on dear Dravid’s face, and pulling one over Dhoni.


8 Responses to Bangalore win a low scoring thriller: Bangalore vs. Chennai

  1. scorpicity says:

    i’m crestfallen… how could they lose to them after putting up such a paltry score… its like giving a BJ to dennis rodman… yes thats how bad it is.

  2. Apurv says:

    Congrats VM…… absolutely delighted for Dravid.. His batting throughout the tournament has been brilliant….. great win for RCB

  3. dlfindianpremierleague says:

    finally ! after a long haul Dravid wins something

  4. at last they won…dont know as BRC fan you are happy or relived… ;-))

  5. vmminerva says:

    @Scorpy, they say it’s a funny game. 🙂

    @Apurv, yes, definitely delighted for RD. Many of those shots were art.

    @dlfindianpremierleague, welcome to this end of the blogsphere. Yes, a win after many losses is almost soothing.

    @SP, relieved for RCB and their skipper.

  6. trideep says:

    Really great to see Dravid win one. He deserved it.

  7. […] Bangalore Royal Challengers seemed to have carried on some momentum from their previous unbelievable win against Chennai. Without Zaheer and Praveen, one would have thought the bowling had chinks, but the local boys and […]

  8. vmminerva says:

    Yep, trideep. Certainly deserved.

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