Dravid sizzles in vain: Bangalore vs. Jaipur

The Royal Challengers’ cup of woes is now brimming. After a dismal showing by the Bangalore bowlers and some starkly indifferent fielding, the visitors set themselves a target of 197 runs. The already challenged team, was depleted further by the absence of Boucher and Steyn. The run chase started inauspiciously as opener Arun Kumar fell for a 3-ball duck and #3 bat Misbah ul Haq departed with a golden duck. Kohli, the other opener fell a few balls later. The other batsmen came and went without much ado, all other than dear beleaguered Dravid.

Walking in at #6, Dravid sizzled to score an unbeaten 75 off just 36 balls comprised of  half-a-dozen fours and sixes, with an un-charecteristic strike rate of 208 . His frustration, which he later admitted to, was apparent in the savage way in which he lofted Yousuf Pathan for consecutive 6s. Truly an innings of master class, reminiscent of his blistering 92 off 40-odd in Bristol in the India’s tour of England, last summer. “The lone constant, offering defiance that was as entertaining as it was soothing…”, for he was “brutal and brilliant, determined and dynamic, and ironically, the hunter as well as the hunted”, writes Varun Gupta for Hindustan times.

For the final wicket partnership, he refused to take singles to expose Abdur Razzak to the strike, almost silently saying: I won’t unnecessarily let you do something that isn’t expected of you.

There was a bit of drama when Dravid asked the question on a catch taken off Razzak and that being declared not out. He continued on and clobbered another six. It’s probably not very often that the side with the last ball six loses a game, but such was the case, and never were they going to win with such woeful performance from most of the other members.

By claiming the DLF IPL maximum sixes award, Dravid silently made a statement, in his own way, as if in answer to those who repeatedly and tauntingly questioned the relevance of his batting skills in the T20 game. Perhaps there was a message for the team in the angry innings that he played.

One feels so sad for dear haunted Dravid, that one wants to pray!


5 Responses to Dravid sizzles in vain: Bangalore vs. Jaipur

  1. Soulberry says:

    Victoria, it is no secret that BRC is not a happy camp. And Rahul Dravid is a genteel person. that said, there was never a more passionate rebuke to team mates as he did on the ground with the bat without uttering a word.

  2. or was it his frustration of not making work RC as a team under him?

  3. scorpicity says:

    all the stupidity at that start of the tournament did them in… hopefully today will turn out to be good for them

  4. scorpicity says:

    They lost again :)… jeez… and why… look at their bowling with all the experience and yet they cannot bowl to any plan whatsoever… no real thought process behind their bowling. Good thing about the u19 guy who scored a 50 on debut.

  5. vmminerva says:

    @Soulberry, very true. Nice to see he’s still got it. He’d been looking positively haunted.

    @SP, interesting thought. I wonder…

    @Scorpicity, it was disappointing to see the BRCs lose, more on this comming soon. It was nice to see some spirit back though, for whatever it is worth.

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