Ganguly turns on the charm – Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Deccan Chargers

Ganguly turns it on in his own characteristic way in the games against the Deccan Chargers today. His blisteringly 91, with a good number of biggies off Chaminda Vaas, reminded me of the World Cup ’99 match at Taunton when he and Dravid feasted off Vaas and others. But that was another day, in another era.

After a string of there-but-not-quite knocks, Saurav pulled it off this time with bat and brought forthhis form with the ball from the previous match in which he foxed the likes of Dravid. His captaincy was as one would expect: intense, effective and 100% Ganguly.

The Knight Riders came together well today in all departments. Ganguly and Hussey set the stage with the bat. Dinda and Laxmi Shukla bowled excellently for their part. Surely, they should be looked into during ODI selection. India’s bench strength seems much better than it seemed. And that is perhaps the most heartening thing from the cash-cow experiment that is the IPL.

While the Knight Riders performed as a unit, the Deccan Chargers, seemed to have lost it after the 5th over. They got the early wicket of an belligerent looking Salman Butt, but failed to capitalize on that with average bowling and sloppy fielding. After all, the Deccan Chargers were touted as among the stronger teams, but they seem to be doing just as good as the “Test XI” Bangalore Royal Challengers. What surprizes me even more is that they are getting less flak for their performance than the BRC. From here on, it looks like only herculian effort and a good number of miracles can see the DCs to the semi-finals.

Meanwhile, go Knight Riders! Ride ’em!


3 Responses to Ganguly turns on the charm – Kolkata Knight Riders vs. Deccan Chargers

  1. scorpicity says:

    this guys has somehow mastered the art of survival… after a string of absolutely pathetic performances… he comes with a brilliant knock.

  2. i still feel that KKR got away with timely hitting this time…they pressed the accelerator too late…one wicket here or there would have made their score look stupid…against better bowling attack…

    though i wonder who writes the script of SG…

  3. vmminerva says:

    @scorpicity, “the guy has mastered the art of survival”, true. Yet, there is a sense of awe about that.

    @straight point, good point again. But that’s what T20 has been about, which is why I’m starting to feel a little tiresome about the whole circus that is the IPL.

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