IPL Saturday: Chennai vs. Kolkata, Bangalore vs. Jaipur

A double-humdinger is about to play out today with a two pairs of evenly matched teams ready to challenge each other. The Chennai Super Kings vs. Kolkata Knight Riders, touted mainly as the Ganguly vs. Dhoni match will feature a few interesting duels including Ishant vs. Dhoni. I will be interested in the field that Ganguly sets for Dhoni, Parthiv Patel, and Kaif – all three being cricketers brought to limelight under Ganguly’s captaincy.

I expect the Bangalore Royal Challegers vs. Rajasthan Royals to be a cracker of a match with two deep strategists Dravid and Warne facing off. Bangalore will be boosted by the inclusion of Pakistan’s Misbah ul-haq but continue to be plagued by Sunil Joshi in the absense of Kumble. The most interesting contests here will be  Warne the bowler vs. Dravid the batsman. For once, I will be hoping that Misbah doesn’t land himself in trouble with the (largely unforgivable) scoop shot.

Cheers Kolkata and Bangalore! 🙂


3 Responses to IPL Saturday: Chennai vs. Kolkata, Bangalore vs. Jaipur

  1. it will be nice to see who is royally challenged team… 😉

    Dada vs Dhoni is the battle i am looking fwd to…specially dada who might want to settle some score with him (for his ouster from ODIs)…

    all in all nice battles on hand…

  2. Sorry that.. both the teams u supported today ended up in the losing side..
    – Robin

  3. vmminerva says:

    @CSK Fan. 😦 I’m kinda fizzled out. I was really hoping at least the Knight Riders will sail thru.

    @SP, yes, interesting ones indeed. Was disappointed to see dada miss out. Maybe in Kolkata the score will be settled.

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