IPL Saturday – Delhi vs. Rajasthan, Chennai vs. Mohali

The so-called super Saturday was mostly boring to me. The first match featuring a Chennai-Mohali face-off seemed a bit drab. I was rather surprized to the see that the match wasn’t a full house at least in the beginning. The crowd seemed to have come in during the later stages. Dhoni was his usual rash-self and given his big-ticket status, scored probably the most expensive two runs. I was also disappointed to see Pathiv not given gloves. He seemed lost fielding in the deep. Speaking of Mohali, Yuvraj with his prince-ish attitude did better than I had expected, but then again I didn’t expect too much from him and T20 is his game.

The Delhi vs. Rajasthan was fairly one-sided with McGrath and Maharoof not allowing the Rajasthan batsmen to get on with it. That apart, I thought the Rajasthan team, lacking on star power did fairly well to put up a respectable albeit chase-able total on the board.

Both the matches weren’t exciting enough for me to follow till the end. I hope today’s matches are more interesting.

3 Responses to IPL Saturday – Delhi vs. Rajasthan, Chennai vs. Mohali

  1. Soulberry says:

    Hey Victoria! That match wasn’t drab to begin with but didbecome after Hussey smashed it. No matter how much the KXP’s could try, I felt it was beyond them.

    By the way, I saw that match off a recording on CDs. Saturday, I was off to Kotla. That match was a no contest of sorts, but the ambience, the fielding from both sides, and Glenda and Warney made my day.

  2. scorpicity says:

    the riders -deccan match was pretty good… its been a mixed bag so far.

  3. vmminerva says:

    @Soulberry, good to hear that you could catch some in-stadium action.

    @Scorpicity, yep, the Riders-Decan was quite good – more of a contest. Btw, Mixed-bag is a great expression to use. I suspect it will come to be used more often in the context of T20s.

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