South Africa humiliate India – 2nd Test at Ahmedabad

An innings defeat at Motera was almost imminent as South Africa crossed 200 runs in their first innings after bowling out India for an embarrassing 76.

Many things went wrong for India at Motera:

1. Being given a green top

2. Kumble choosing to bat first on a green top

3. Picking five bowlers with Pathan being the fifth

4. Poor fielding

5. Shocking shot selection from some of the batsmen

Credit to the South African bowlers to have taken full advantage of the green top. Sometimes you get caught in a middle of an excellent spell of bowling; that was the case with the dismissals of Dravid, Laxman and Ganguly, the last being perhaps at lightning speed.

What will happen now is the question on most people’s mind. Are we thrashing the seniors again? Fellow blogger Soulberry fears that this might bring out the likes of the Yuvraj and Rohit Sharma. I shudder at that thought. That would also perhaps shut the case of Mohd. Kaif.

Till Kanpur do us wait!


4 Responses to South Africa humiliate India – 2nd Test at Ahmedabad

  1. Soulberry says:

    Kumble opting to bat first might have been an error…but I do not grudge him that decision. In fact I see that as a positive one. He would have expected his batsmen to do their job, which, as we all saw, they didnt. That brings me to the main flaw in selection which was Jaffer and Dhoni.

    DK in place of Dhoni, could have accomodated an extra bowler as well as proper batsman with DK opening.

    Or, Chopra could have come in straight, in place of Jaffer.

    RP Singh was obviously off the boil in Madras…VRV could have been sought instead of him.

    Thaks Minerva for linking up. Cheers 🙂

  2. it was not first innings loss and it wont be last…

    this was the match where india didnt even put one foot right utterly forgettable…but we should not loose faith in or team after one loss…

    we have done quite good in recent past and one loss cant take that away from us…


  3. scorpicity says:

    Even that green top was exaggerated… it was not all that a seaming pitch. In fact the pitches in Australia offered more movement and pace! They just collapsed like nayantara’s underwears.

  4. vmminerva says:

    @Soulberry, I’m very much for “DK in place of Dhoni”, but unfortunately that’s might not be on the cards unless Dhoni is unfit. 😦

    @straightpoint. You are right, we can’t loose faith after one loss. Fingers crossed for Kanpur.

    @scorpicity. Hilarious ref 🙂

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