The Bangalore Chennai Techie Debate

March 27, 2008

The so called Bangalore Chennai debate is one every Madras bred Bangalore Techie is bound to experience.

I have been having this debate with myself for over a year now and have only found out that the choice between the two is a matter of brain vs. heart: brain being the career and growth oriented, cash obsessed monster and heart being the one that tells you where your soul is, though that might most likely have least utility or monetary value. 🙂

So, here is my list of 3 best and worst from the two cities:

Best of Bangalore:
1. Technology Job Opportunites
2. Work Atmosphere
3. Mild Weather

Worst of Bangalore:
1. It isn’t Chennai
2. Traffic (generally exacerbated by flyover constructions)
3. High Rents

Best of Chennai:
1. Culturally rich – with music, dance and drama (to be read with and without pun)
2. Scope to have a variety-filled life (classes, learning opportunities)
3. It is Chennai (the eternal home of the Madras bred, filter coffee loving being)

Worst of Chennai:
1. Seemingly never-ending summer
2. Auto drivers
3. Water (esp. during summer).

Having said of all, give the Techie his tech best in Chennai and the choice suddenly becomes very simple.

More ramblings on Madurai serial later.