Note to Mr. Dhoni: Tone down the boorish talk

Yes, we all know your “young” side won the ODI series in Australia. We saw the much-overdone celebrations and cash rain. Agreed, it was a good victory. But this is Indian cricket, where it is often the case where one is generally elevated to great heights only to feel greater impacts when pushed off the cliff.

I was pretty clear about the players I wanted in the side. It is sometimes very important to send the message across. That’s what I said to the selectors as well. You can see the kind of team I got. It’s very important because the process and the timing were criticised a lot.

Did you really have to say that? The message was for everyone to see and would have remained better, had you shut up.

The critics questioned this side but now that it’s performed you need to back it. We all knew, and you all knew, what would have happened if this side didn’t do well in Australia.…Now that it has done well, why don’t you appreciate the performance?

We all know that if it weren’t for the rained-out matches, the results could have been very different. And, the chief contributors were the bowlers and Tendulkar. The other young batsmen are yet to prove their worth with consistently good performances.

Need to watch the mouth Mr. MSD! Perhaps that is something you have yet to learn from the statesmanly Kumble.


6 Responses to Note to Mr. Dhoni: Tone down the boorish talk

  1. Ottayan says:

    Dhoni comes across as trifle arrogant. Maybe it is because the questions were slanted to elicit this kind of response.

    Nevertheless, he needs to tone down his comments.

    BTW, where do you keep disappearing? Busy?

  2. all i would say wait for full interview to unleash rants…

  3. vmminerva says:

    @Ottayan. “Maybe it is because the questions were slanted to elicit this kind of response.” Yes that might well be true. As for me, yeah, it’s been a bit crazy. However, I’ve been doing more general reading in my free time. Thanks for asking, though. πŸ™‚

    @straight points, Fan of MSD huh? I was too, I’m starting to dislike him now. Wondering if the attitude thing has anything to do with it. But I would definitely like to see the full interview. πŸ™‚

  4. its not the qestion of who is han of who…if its so i will also join you in ravishing MSD…

    all i want to say that dont jump the gun as yet…patience is good virtue…i have seen lot of people eat their words when they shoot off without even looking at details…

  5. vmminerva says:

    πŸ™‚ alright straight points. We shall wait and watch.

  6. Scorpicity says:

    I must say that he should have worded things more better… butter smooth and ironed it all out… instead it is now evident that there is some friction.

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