Of Dhoni, Yuvraj and the Commonwealth Bank ODI Tri-series

Took a rather unplanned blogging break since early Feb. Catching up with mundane things and what not. Ok, on to cricket.

I had written earlier that India would get thrashed in the Tri-series. Well, thrashed may not be the right word, considering that the rain gods played their part to wash out of couple of matches; however, till date, I stand correct and predictably so with my hunch about this batting line up.

What I didn’t expect was the success of the young seamers. Ishant has become the man of the Tour carrying his dream Test form to the ODI series, scalping crucial wicket at important junctures, making the Aussie batting line up look the weakest I have ever seen (given their standards).

With Yuvraj fizzling out as fast the Reliance Power IPO and the Dhoni-Yuvraj pact that seems to be going on, I think captain Dhoni needs a rap on his head (not to say that today’s match hasn’t done that). To persist with an out-of-form Yuvraj and making adamant media statements that he will play in every game seems like an emotional (not instinctive) decision to me. Rewind back to the ODI series against Australia in India in late 2007, an out-of-from Dravid was benched and then hideously shown the door as far as the ODI team is concerned. Isn’t it fair to expect similar stands taken with Yuvraj also, or rather the other way around, shouldn’t the team management have persisted with Dravid? Old questions being asked again and again, on the face of every Indian defeat. To me, the equation is as follows:

1 out-of-form Yuvraj + a thin as ice batting line up = -2 batsmen OR 3 out-of-form Dravids

Pick your worst. If you are anti-Dravid-ian, my guess is you would pick the second one. As for me, any day, I would pick 3 out-of-form Dravids over an out-of-form Yuvraj.

As a result of today’s match, many questions will be asked of Dhoni. Picking Munaf over Sehwag, promoting Pathan, selecting Uthappa who hasn’t been among the runs even in the Ranji matches, not playing Dinesh Karthik or Piyush Chawla and many more.

As for the rest of the series, I don’t think this Indian batting line up deserve to make it to the final. Actually what would be entertaining would be to see a toss up between the Sri Lankan batsmen and the Indian pacers headed by Jayawardena against the Aussies. Now that would be a match to watch!


8 Responses to Of Dhoni, Yuvraj and the Commonwealth Bank ODI Tri-series

  1. Ottayan says:

    Yuvraj needs to be dumped. Raina should be brought in his place. Uthappa should have played at No.3.
    The team management seems to have decided to hang Kaarthick. Atleast he should have played instead of Munaf.

  2. vmminerva says:

    Yep, no use in having Raina warm the bench.

  3. Soulberry says:

    Let me flip that equation around to examine the other side…who wuld you pick between an in form Dravid and an in-form Yuvraj?

    But I agree with your equation…an out of form Yuvraj is worse than I.

    I’m foreseeing a career not more than two years for him if these form upheavals continue and his knee fails to hold up. By that time he should be established in IPL.

    In case he manages to get a few things right, I see four or five good years of cricket from him or as long as his knee permits.

  4. Scorpicity says:

    Personally I would like to see how much Raina has improved… maybe uthappa can sit out and this guy brought in… I feel that can stabilize the middle order as long as Raina is not up to his old hanging the bat tricks

  5. vmminerva says:

    @Soulberry, that is an interesting question that you have asked and the answer would depend on what type of match one is talking about. For ODIs and Test, Dravid is an auto-selection for me, irrespective of form. For 20-20s, Yuvraj should get picked only if in form. I agree with your views on the longevity of his career.

    @Scorpicity, spot on!

  6. Scorpicity says:

    me too on a break… will catch up in a few days

  7. cricketcrazy says:

    “Yuvraj fizzling out as fast the Reliance Power IPO”- LOL.. nobody has ever decribed boths duds so aptly:) you rock sir!

  8. vmminerva says:

    Welcome to my blog, cricketcrazy and thanks for the compliments. Thought the comparison was rather apt. Btw, allow me to correct the sir, just call me VM,

    You have a nice blog there. Pity my Hindi reading skill aren’t good enough. 😦

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