Tendulkar sizzles! Laxman shines

It is probably very few batsmen whose centuries seem to be getting better than the previous ones. For even fewer, centuries are numbers which are counting like fours! Sachin simply sizzled on his way to his 39th Test ton at the Adelaide oval, with many shots reminding us of the ‘Tendulkar of old’: the baby-faced kid who used to loft some of the best bowlers for sixes.

Siddhartha Vaidyanathan beams in his article “If anyone missed Tendulkar’s innings in the first three Tests they should have simply landed up here. He was attacking in Melbourne, authoritative in Sydney, and innovative in Perth but this was the combination of them all. It had the moments of adrenaline-fuelled strokeplay, a hint of chance, a dash of inventiveness and tons of intelligence. Bringing out his percentage game against a high-quality bowling attack, he stood alone.

Congratulations seems almost belittling! Way to go SRT!

SRT was so thrilling that Laxman’s innings seemed routine in comparison, but that was only because he was batting with the master on song. Laxman pulled India out of trouble yet again with beautiful strokeplay. It was rather unfortunate that he fell to bouncer, yet again.

4 Responses to Tendulkar sizzles! Laxman shines

  1. Soulberry says:

    Wasn’t it fun Minerva? I didn’t think Sachin would ever be able to give us a bit of nostalgia again. I was transported to another day another year ….only, then those staright lofted shots would sail over the sightscreen, now they went one-bounce four. That was the only minor difference but the rest was all vintage stuff…complete command!

  2. withmalice says:

    Tendulkar was awesome. And I think we’re looking at an Indian innings of 400+…
    … if you’re interested, we’ll be chatting about the 4th test as it happens…

  3. Scorpicity says:

    It was an interesting innings both subdued and old style Tendlya with those lofted shots… I think considering his age, this innings should be the perfect blend to play like in the future.

  4. vmminerva says:

    @Soulberry, totally!

    @withMalice – welcome. Nice to see you here.

    @Scorpicity – hope we will see more centuries in such style 🙂

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