Chennai Book Fair 2008

Just returned from the Chennai Book fair 2008 at Kilpauk and I must say I was rather impressed. Given the 200+ stalls hosted in the book fair I thought it was well organized (by Indian/Chennai standards). One of the nice things about this was the placement of snacks and refreshments – not outside the main book fair hall, but within it, and at approximately the same co-ordinates for each column of stalls. For those who like to indulge, there is a full-fledged canteen outside the book hall area, but I was not brave enough to try anything from there.

The stalls cover a wide range of books in English and Tamil. Categories range from Educational, Exam Prep to Sporting, CDs, Art and Religion.

Some of stalls I liked the most:

  • Jaico Books
  • India Publishers
  • Cambridge University Press
  • ISKCON (for the art)

There were many Tamil book stalls too. Though I didn’t spend too much time there, other members of my family did and were pretty happy with it. Noteworthy among Tamil stalls were:

  • Vikatan
  • Nakkeeran
  • Ramanashram

Some of the books I bought:

– Time Management from Jaico Books
– Pathanjali’s Yoga sutra from Krishnamachari Yoga Mandiram (KYM)
– Vijayanagara from Cambridge University Press

Most stalls offerred a 10-20% discount. If you are a book lover, this visit is worth both the hassle to get to Kilpauk and the effort to look through the several thousands of books to find stuff you like.

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