India now accused of blackmailing!

Robert Craddock writes in the Daily Telegraph in typical Ponting’s Aussie style “…India’s suspension of the tour while they wait for an appeal on the suspension of Harbhajan Singh is a veiled form of blackmail and must be treated with the harsh response it deserves. If the ICC feels Harbhajan was worth suspending, it must not crumble in the face of a subcontinental blackmail from the world’s most powerful cricket nation.” Perhaps in Craddock’s dictionary, demanding for justice constitutes blackmail.
He goes on to say, “….If the Harbhajan verdict stands – as it should – and India abandon the tour, then so be it. Their nation will be in disgrace, their team retreating as men who cowered in the face of substantial adversity.[…] It’s a shame India have sulked, because many Australians felt deeply sympathetic for the dreadful hand they were dealt in Sydney.” And what good is sympathy alone? So, Mr. Craddock, should the Indians have thought themselves lucky to have one of their lot baselesly charged with something as serious as racism after what seemed (to any non-racist person) to be an unfair hearing? Perhaps you would have liked it if the Indians took what was dished out at them in a typical-subcontinent style, moved on without making any noise and welcome some more with open arms.

6 Responses to India now accused of blackmailing!

  1. Ottayan says:


    The Australians are unwilling to accept their faults. They think their way is the only way.

  2. vmminerva says:

    @Ottayan. “Unwilling to accept their faults”. That has become the “Aussie-way” of doing things for some time now (wrt to cricket). Perhaps all the criticism they are receiving after this fiasco will serve as a kind of reality check for them.

  3. Barry says:

    So, Harbhajan Singh has been unfairly treated huh?

    The BCCI conveniently shielded this person in the recent tour of India, he was warned not to repeat ir and did.

    THe Australian captian was ordered to report any of this kind of thing, and he did.

    So one person does the opposite of what has been agreed and one does exactly as requested.

    Then an independent judge took 6 hours to hear from both sides and made a decision.

    Because this doesn’t suit one party, all hell breaks loose.

    Like Gavaskar, Sehwag etc before him, this is whole thing is India’s doing. Gavaskar tried to pull a team becuase he was given out LBW, what a lousy sportsman.

    Have we seen any Australian crying foul.

    India deserved to lose because they lost 3 wickets in the second last over of the match.

    India has been comprehensively outplayed in 2 test matches in row, look in the scorebook, get it stuck in your head.

    The only team to blame here is India.

    Go home, WE don’t need you.

  4. Scorpicity says:

    I have given up trying to reason with these guys… that’s their view… sweep their dirty laundry under the carpet and accuse the asian guys… they fail to understand that we only seek transparency.

  5. vmminerva says:

    @Barry, welcome to my blog. You are entitled to your opinion and we are to ours. Accusations of racism should not be made lightly – that is primarily what the deal is about. As for India being “comprehensively outplayed”; maybe so in the first test, but if you are referring to the second, I hope you were watching the match. 🙂

  6. vmminerva says:

    @Scorpicity, nice to see u here. Yeah “sweeping dirty laundry” has been going on for a good number of years now. So much so I was rather surprized to the BCCI’s stand to start with, given the ICC record with the asian bloc.

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