“Very Very Special” Laxman and Dravid stabilize India – Sydney Test, Day 2

Day 2 of the Sydney Test will be remembered (among other things) for a truly special one from VVS, saving the day, yet again with another Dependable. Dravid and Laxman seemed to be contrasts of one another: one agonizing, the other flourishing; but together, they saved the day and have set a solid base for India to build on. Siddhartha Vaidyanathan called it Will and Grace and very aptly said.

The ominous devil in Dravid’s form showed its face yet again today. He started with a spanking four off the first ball in the post lunch session, reminding us of the majestic batsman that now seems to be hiding under the same face. There were some aggressive, almost un-Dravidian shots, but there were other agonizing times when he was beaten and went run-less for a 45 minute period of over 40 balls. There was even a cheer from the audience when he broke this draught to move on to 19 and Dravid humoring them on by lifting his bat to celebrate the single! But what was important was Dravid’s fight, and that he was confident: just in some pain, not struggling. To put up this sort of fight, when everything seems to be going against you takes tremendous grit; and to open the innings when out of form is humongous. It takes warrior – not just a wall – to do that! Go Dravid! You’re definitely due for a big one. We know you will.

I don’t have words for VVS’s amazingly special innings, his third consecutive century at the SCG – one without help from the umpires :). To have watched it is a privilege. What more need I say? It’s is mental, not just bizzare to ever think of dropping this man for any form of the game.

On that note, I end this post today. Need to catch some highlights of the VVS Special. Hope the good-old Tendulkar-Ganguly duo come good tomorrow.

Go India! Go!

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