Boxing Day Test – things to ponder for India

December 31, 2007

The Boxing Day test started out with a promise and ended with a disappointing result (if you are an India supporter, that is). When we thought that there wasn’t much bowling, they delivered. I certainly did not expect India to bowl out Australia, that too for a 300-odd. Getting Ponting early was key! Go Bhajji! Whatever Ponting says, he is your bunny. Captaincy seems to be inspiring Kumble to greater heights. Hope his sublime form continues.

The much celebrated batting line-up disappointed and I say that only because the bowlers delivered. Going by the stats, (if my memory serves me right), India hasn’t done too well in the Boxing Day Test. So, what I expected was Australia scoring 600 plus, not getting bowled out, and the Indian batting attempting to survive and more of this in the second innings. It was pleasantly uplifting to see the bowlers do well, but sad to see the batting cave (albeit a few horrible decisions given against them).

The Dravid opening-experiment was excellent on paper: the kind of experiment that would pay dividends if it worked, but shake the foundations if it didn’t; but it did not go the planned way. He saw the new ball through, no doubt, but didn’t do much else. It is essential that Dravid does well for Indian batting to get some respect and for that, he must return to his usual #3. Ganguly threatened and Laxman attempted to and there ended the tale of the celebrated Indian batting.

For the next Test, I would like to see Sehwag open with Jaffer and that means confining Yuvraj to the bench which is unfortunate, but the gamble is worth a try. Do I see that happening? Not really.

Hope to see some kind of a fightback from India in the Second test.