When in doubt, side with the richer clown!

What else can I say about the BCCI’s take on siding with the Australian cricket board on the rights issue concerning agency photographers? Cricinfo reports on the matter here. Whenever there is a slight smell of money the BCCI runs towards it like a hound. Didn’t we see this coming?

Going along this path (stretching it a little bit), maybe the cricket boards would contemplate charging bloggers who write about cricket; for we are getting some eye-ball time aren’t we. Or maybe, stretching this even further, the boards can consider charging the cricket players to pay a fee on a per-match basis to play for their team: for the cricketers are making a fortune out of the game!

When will the BCCI learn that such blatant copying of the Aussie will be of no good? It must be said here that this ‘aping of the West’ has become a malady observed among developing nations, including India but that is another topic for another day perhaps. Why are we obsessed with the Aussies for the wrong reasons? The BCCI craved for an Aussie coach, who could only leave the Indian cricket team in shambles. In an attempt to ape their selection policy, we now have dual-captaincy. God save Indian cricket from the BCCI!

Marvan Attapattu could well have been referring to cricket boards and selectors in general when he made his famous (not infamous – I salute the man for his guts) statement about the Sri Lankan board/selectors being “set of muppets headed by a joker.”  Should we call cricket a muppeteers’s show puppeteered by clowns also known as cricket boards?


5 Responses to When in doubt, side with the richer clown!

  1. Ottayan says:


    Whoa! You have really let yourself go in the last sentence.:)

  2. kvhurin says:

    ha ha ha!!! Nice post Minerva…the thought of Cricketers paying for paying is hilarious really!!

  3. vmminerva says:

    @Ottayan, I know, but I couldn’t resist it.
    @kvhurin, thanks!

  4. I wish the BCCI would imitate Cricket Australia in terms of spotting and grooming youngsters, selecting them, backing them and so on instead of only for commercial stuff like charging press photographers!

    But kudos to the Rajasthan Criket Association for setting up a state level cricket academy (they have roped in the Future Group as sponsors); let’s just hope it really raises the standard of Indian cricket.

  5. vmminerva says:

    Thanks for stopping by Anand Krishna. Good point on spotting youngsters, but letting them bat once in a blue moon or selecting them and not playing them seems to be the BCCI way of grooming.

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