Sachin writes for Hindustan Times

October 6, 2007

When a cricketer starts writing the newspapers, many questions cross through your mind. This isn’t just anybody: it is Tendulkar, the Master Blaster, the ‘God’ of cricket loving fans of India (at least in the nineties). Of the two articles, in one, he shares his dream for India: no hunger, more education, yada..yada, but the what strikes you when you read is the part where he talks of India’s run in sports over the past few months, he talks of the hockey victories, footballers doing well, billiards champion Pankaj Advani and even Sania Mirza. You would think he would have said something about India’s T-20 victory: no, not a work. And I thought that was rather small of him.

 In the second article, he writes of the duties of the Indian cricket captain: all this from a man who was one of India’s least successful cricket captains. The contents raises a lot of questions, and the timing is just plain bad. Dhoni has just been forced the mantle –  after ‘Mr. Dependable’ proved the opposite of his namesake wrt to leading the Indian side – and has just won a major tournament after a very long drought. He sounds a little hurt and bitter (to say the least). “Leardership means believing ….not coercing them into doing something you think is best…” (emphasis mine). Isn’t it also about trust from your side on your leader? Maybe coercing may be required because you don’t see eye-to-eye; or you don’t want to do what is required? 

Of the captain’s decisions he says, “…. [he must] make decisions based on the situation at hand, without baggage from anywhere else…cannot walk away from challenges or say it is all too much.” Tendulkar is doubtless taking a dig at someone! All this from a Mumbaikar who has backed colleagues for Mumbai, even as insipid as Agarkar; he can perhaps be found guilty of all that he claims a captain should not do. I must say, though Tendulkar makes good points on his dream for India, as a fan, I am very disappointed in the way he expresses his opinions on captaining a side.

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