Another Cricket World Cup?

And so we are there at this 20-20 world cup. Somehow it doesn’t feel like the World Cup, at least to me. The format is a little bizarre, a bowler nightmare and also a perhaps a nightmare to teams like India, England and New Zealand who don’t chase very well. For a side like India, with the fielding being how it has been, their chances are bound to be further reduced.

Moving on, I think we will see sides like Bangladesh and Scotland getting the attention that they deserve; they both upset monsters India and Pakistan in the traditional World Cup in March and due to their capabilities of having a few very good overs, are likely to pull off some interesting “upsets”, if we are allowed to use the term in this form of the game; and I say that because, I think all teams have a equal chance here; experience of the game or the format won’t matter too much: for there is little time for tactics, strategy and things as such in a game whose format is very much “right-here-right-now”.

 As for the change in the rule with respect to the free-hits, I think we will see very little when experienced-quality sides like South Africa, Australia and their likes clash and are likely to see free-hits conceded by the “less regimented” sides like India, Pakistan and England. Don’t expect Bangladesh and Scotland to concede the free-hits, they might have had more practice geared towards the 20-20!

The series opener today will see South Africa and West Indies clash and think West Indies might bag this one!

I’ll sign off after a quick ‘un today, 20-20 style! Happy Slog-viewing!

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