Happy Birthday J K Rowling and Harry Potter…

Thank you Jo for giving us Harry, the wonderful journey and the lovely memories. Check out more Potter history here: http://www.floo-network.org/#history

I can’t resist a little recap of my own journey with the book/movies. I was first introduced to Harry’s world thru the movie – ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone’ when I was in college. I distinctly remember the Thanksgiving weekend movie and the tons of chidren who lined up to buy tickets! At that time the bug hadn’t bitten me; the movie seemed just to be a sweet children’s movie with a happy ending. I had no idea that some of the later books in the series were already out! My next meeting with Potter was in 2006 on a flight to San Francisco when I watched the second, third and fourth movie. It was then that the bug had bit me! Between April and June of 2006, I had read all six books, found mugglenet, leaky-cauldron, jkrowling.com and the many other Potter-dedicated sites, and joined the millions of fans waiting for the seventh installment. Enough about me, more happy stuff today.

And Happy win for Indian cricket team at the Trent Bridge test match!

Some quick musings on the test match: it was nice to see Zaheer Khan’s quality bowling, Michael Vaughon’s fighting innings, and Sreeshant’s spirit. Nice to see an attacking sub-continent bowler, very different from the tame Javagal Srinath and composed Kumble! Also adding drama was the little incident between Pieterson and Sreeshant which turned into an accepted apology (as far as KP was concerned). Loved Pieterson’s attitude there. He’s a class act!

Back to the Potter Mania: much has happened since July 21st. Jo has answered several questions about the futures of the the trio n the different interviews and what not. Check out mugglenet.com. You can’t miss any Potter news if you check mugglenet (with due respects to other Potter-dedicated sites). Also at mugglenet is a transcript of all the questions fans got to ask on live-chat; there were 120000 questions! Can you believe that? Unfortunately (and as one would expect) not all were answered, but I think we can get a good sense of closure. One of the questions I was dying to ask:
– What happened to the charecter who does magic late in life
Fortunately for me, someone else asked that; Jo’s answer: she changed her mind about that. Though, I think that character would have been Dudley!

Meanwhile, amazon search reveals that another Writing book that’s been raved about is Francine Prose’s ‘Reading Like a Writer’.

Can’t wait to get my hands on this!

Ciao for now!

One Response to Happy Birthday J K Rowling and Harry Potter…

  1. Kaushik says:

    Haa, you a Potter maniac too! Seems you, me and Keshav have quite a lot in common. 🙂
    Check this out – http://technews.iit.edu/index.php?id=384

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