Last Minute Harry Potter Predictions – ** No Spoilers**

Yes, the fever is at its peak now, a little under a day left for the release of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. So I thought I’d make my last minute predictions for the ending. If you are worried about spoilers, no I won’t write about them in this post, primarily because I have no first-hand info, nor do I believe some of the stuff that I accidentally came across on the web.

So, off to business:

1. Will Harry bite the dust?

No, I don’t think so. I think he will live, at least physically, but there will be something that saps the essence of what we know to be Harry Potter. I think this can happen in one of two (if not more) ways:

a) Harry will live, but with the loss of his magical ability. Maybe he will be forced to choose between loss of his magical ability and life at the cost of letting Voldemort live. Maybe he is a horcrux, but the part of him that will survive when he or someone else tries to kill him will be a Harry sans his wizarding abilities; alternately, maybe Harry himself is not a horcrux but looses his magic as he destroys the last one. In this case, Harry loses the happiness of being part of the enviroment that he has loved (the magical world), and will be confined to being a Squib in magical world or a miserably unhappy Muggle.

b) Harry will live with the guilt of murder. (See #2 for more). Taking of the life of someone, even if it is that of one as evil as Voldemort, can leave an indelible scar on “pure souls”; this seems reminiscent of Frodo, who lives on with the guilt of having performed the big “no-no” deed wrt the Ring (in The Lord of the Rings). Will Rowling have gone this way? I think not- its too ‘paralellistic‘ to Tolkien’s ending.

2. How will Voldemort die? (Yeah, I do believe he will die in some way or the other)

a)Harry ‘”Avada Kedavra“‘s him, leading him to a guilty “life after” (as in #1 b)
b) Harry doesn’t use the forbidden spell, but something done by a Death Eater might backfire from Harry’s wand; or he might be inadvertently used in the process of Voldemort’s final fall. Again, many classics have the theme of ‘..evil will shall evil mar’.

3. Is Snape evil?
No, I think he is good, or will turn out to be one in book 7, but it may not be the simple case of him being Dumbledore’s man through and through. He might still have had contact with/conspired with Death Eaters until some point in the series (book 4, 6?)

4. Who won’t make it?
Remember Rowling said something about a blood bath. Here are my guesses:
– Ginny
– One more of the Weasleys (other than Ron)
– Lupin or Tonks

That’ll be all for now. Anyway, we will all know tomorrow.


One Response to Last Minute Harry Potter Predictions – ** No Spoilers**

  1. Shobi says:

    VM, Am a lot out of context to understand most of what you have written here. Nevertheless, I will get back to this, when i finish book 6. One thing i realised is you’ve had a nailbiting read of book 7!!! Great!!!

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