Airtel Super Singer Jr 2007 is…

A very deserved win indeed for Krishnamoorthy. Although I must say that the reality music contest was a fiercely fought battle among several talented children. I kind of felt that Krishnamoorthy would win it right from the semi-finals round. Some of his recitals were flawless- esp “Kadhalikka Neramillai” in the black-and-white round and “Poovil vandu koodum” from the later round. Congrats Krishnamoorthy! Wish you a very bright future.

Of the four finalists, I thought the final battle would be between Saicharan and Krishnamoorthy and was rather surprized that Vignesh got that spot. As for Aparna, her rendition of “Rahatulla” was simply out of the world, and better than the original. In fact, I would say that for many of the songs that these children have sung: Krishnamoorthy’s “Singari Sarakku” is another that immediately comes to mind.

The one thing that I dislike about contests, especially those concerning children is that those that don’t win develop a sense of doubt about their own abilities. This stays with them for a good number years and is not particularly a desired effect. By the time one sees that ‘just because I lost a contest, doesn’t mean it is end of the world, or that I’m not good at this; it means that I have lost this contest and I must move on’, it might be too late! Why can’t children just be children and enjoy the protected world for the few years that it will remain protected to them? Adaptability and reality-checks will come as they grow into their late teenage to early twenties. Why force it on them?

I hope the children turned away from the contest, esp Vignesh and Saicharan get over the heaviness of being “turned away” and move on to better themselves at their musical skills which they are blessed with. Good luck!


2 Responses to Airtel Super Singer Jr 2007 is…

  1. Shobi says:

    I agree with u VM. It was a good competition, but it is too much for the kids to handle. One thing i particularly dint like about this contest is – the way the TV captures and showcases the emotions of the parents of these kid contestants. Typically what would be the definition of the word ‘vicarious’. I somehow felt it was not at all required to show what each parent feels or about their desires etc etc – as a part of this show!

  2. Meera says:

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